Wood Pellet Boiler Heats School for 3,000 Children
in Burgas

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The pellets hot water boiler was installed in the renovated and modernized plant in the Burgas complex, Meden Rudnik, in July 2019. The boiler will produce cleaner and cheaper heat energy for the Elin Pelin elementary school, the Konstantin Petkanov high school and the Morska Zvezda kindergarten. The energy is obtained through controlled burning of biomass in the form of wood pellets, and has a maximum heating output of 1650 kW, a built-in fuel hopper with a capacity of 1400 liters and a fire-fighting system. The new boiler replaced the old one which was inefficient, heavily corroded, and had numerous leaks and accidents.

The project is implemented by the municipality of Burgas, and includes a chimney and silo of 30 cubic meters built for the storage of the wooden pellets, a new circulating pumps room station installation and isolated pipes used for the new underground heat distribution network from the plant to the two schools and kindergarten which it supplies. Along the route, new pre-insulated pipelines consisting of steel tubes, insulated with polyurethane foam and a polyethylene tube sheath, were installed to the schools.

The financing of the project is provided by the BG04 Program “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. The partners of Burgas municipality are “Technical University – Sofia – Technologies” Ltd. and “NORSK ENERGI” – Norway. The contractor of the project is the company “Thermal Engineering” Ltd.

The delivery and installation of the biomass boiler manufactured by D’Alessandro Termomeccanica Srl, Italy and the installation of underground heat pipelines are part of the implementation of the project, “Increasing the energy efficiency of central district heating in three municipal buildings for education in Meden Rudnik complex”, which the municipality authority has won.

The reconstruction of the plant and the replacement of the connecting pipelines will guarantee much better heating for thousands of children, reducing financial costs. Last but not least – it will provide cleaner air for the residents of the complex, as it emitted many times more harmful emissions before the repair.

This project is the final touch in the campaign to improve energy efficiency in the schools of the huge residential complex. For several years the municipality of Burgas managed to renovate the buildings of absolutely all schools and kindergartens here.